Welcome to Champs
CHAMPS is committed in establishing and maintaining resources and partnerships that will provide guidance, leadership, and network building with a wide variety of community businesses, organizations, foundations and churches.

Our intent is to expand the mind and equip people of color by providing them the skills, support and resources to experience life-long change, inspire them to pursue their vision and to live their dreams of excellence. We believe with relevant resources they will enhance their life skills, become confident and self-sufficient and increase social competence leading to stronger individuals, families and communities.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to collaborate with community business, organizations, foundations, and churches that will bring resources to motivate a change of habits for all people of color who want to develop life-long change in their family relationships, faith, self, community and others.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to bring relevant resources and services in one common place with one common vision CHANGE with people in urban communities.

We believe to bring relevant resources and services it will require strong sustainable partnerships, therefore we will focus on:

- Community engagement

- Youth development

- Life skills education

Our strategic vision point to community change is:

- Building Partnerships

- Developing Leaders

- Sharing relevant resources and services